Auction sniping is an accepted way to win online auctions without being present online to bid on items. Sniping services were created to help buyers bid on auctions without the inconvenience of sitting in front of the computer at the end of the auction. Sniping is automated, time-saving and works around the clock. Learn how to use one of the most popular auction sniping services, Gixen, to win items on eBay without being caught up in the emotion of bidding on a live auction.

Auction snipers serve three purposes:

- Convenience. Place bids for an eBay buyer so the buyer does not have to be physically online or win an auction on

- Stealth Bids Once a bid has been placed on an item, additional bids are submitted. The best way to win an item is to wait until it is bid for the last few seconds of the auction to catch or "catch" it. Bidding on an item can also cause the seller to pay more attention to it. The seller may notice spelling mistakes or other errors and correct them or remove the entry. One reason for buyers to stay under the radar is to buy offers with mistakes that they can get at a very low price.

- Restrictions set eBay shoppers are normal people who have budgets, and some of them have shopping problems. That is, they are compulsive shoppers. With a sniper, buyers can set their maximum bid and not more.